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IMG_8214.jpgAt DRI-CON we understand that industrial, manufacturing, & commercial facilities have roofing issues that aren’t always easy to diagnose. To make matters worse many facility managers are tasked with maintaining multiple properties with various roof systems, manufacturers, and warranty requirements. It can be a real challenge to stay on top of all these issues. Our RPM50™ program can help you mitigate the cost and headache associated with a reactive approach to maintenance —while you enjoy the long-term cost benefits of having a roof maintained to endure well beyond its anticipated life cycle.

Let us assess your facility’s needs and provide a solution engineered to protect your valuable equipment, what you manufacture or store, and your vital personnel. Call us today to learn more at 318.658.3759.


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DRI-CON has serviced local commercial buildings for several years completing a variety of critical projects including commercial roofing and repairs to many complex roof systems. We are familiar with maintenance processes, security protocols, and commercial contracts. Given our roof maintenance experience, we understand the expectations as well as the unique process, equipment, and controls involved in commercial facilities.

Our logistical expertise will ensure that all employees and project personnel are safe and the facility continues to operate efficiently during roof inspections on all properties. A team with strong communication skills along with logistics, plans, and scheduling capabilities are key tools for building a successful preventative roof maintenance plan. We are that team.

How It Works - 8 Steps to Sustainability

  1. Owner/Facility Manager contact DRI-CON RPM50™ personnel to schedule an initial consultation.
  2. Owner/Facility Manager completes questionnaire about the roof system (manufacturer, warranty, installer, existing leaks, etc).
  3. DRI-CON, RPM50™ assessment experts perform a free comprehensive survey and develop and price per square foot.
  4. Owner/Facility Manager determines from a variety of options which preventative maintenance plan they would like to pursue (Annual or Semi-annual).
  5.  RPM50™ team works with Owner/Facility Manager to schedule inspection dates that best suit the needs of the client.
  6. DRI-CON RPM50™ personnel perform interior/exterior multi-point inspection, performing minor repairs along the way (securing, coating fasteners, cleaning clogged drains, removing potential puncture hazards, etc).
  7. Comprehensive roof assessment report compiled. Includes description of minor repairs, satelite imagery of roof system, list detailing potential problem areas in order of severity, roof top photography, estimates for any repairs that go beyond the scope of minor maintenance, etc.
  8. Rest easy knowing your roof is protected by the most comprehensive preventative maintenance program on the market, RPM50™.

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Call us today to learn more at 318.658.3759.

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Let's talk about your next project.


Let's talk about your next project.